I was reading an article just this morning about the regrets people have regarding their weddings. About half the comments-"I wish I had hired a GOOD photographer!" Darryl and Erinn did our wedding and my daughter's senior pictures. Derrick and I have known them since high school. They are a loving family, and they genuinely care about people. I can't recommend them enough

~Kristine B


Erinn and Darryl photographed our wedding this weekend and we couldn't have asked for two better people to work with! They made everyone feel so comfortable and knew exactly how to capture what a good time everyone was having. Nothing felt forced or akward. They took such amazing photos (from what I have seen so far) I can not wait to see the rest!!! <3 <3 <3 So grateful we chose pure enchantment photography and would recommend them to anyone!!!

~Lea Simmons


Darryl made my daughters wedding special.......if you are looking for a photographer I would definitely suggest calling him. You won't be disappointed!

~Deborah Ellsworth


The most amazing duo of photographers. They capture the best moments. They cater to your ideas and bring a million more to the table. You can't go wrong with this company. Amazing.

Matt VanElls

Pure Enchantment, thank you for the awesome engagement photos! You guys rock!

~Tami VanElls


Erinn and Darryl are not only magnificent photographers with an eye for detail and beauty, they are also amazing people. If you are looking for pictures that speak volumes and service that makes you feel home, Pure Enchantment Photography will exceed your expectations!

~Brian Kongstad


I couldn't be more proud of Erinn and Darryl and all they've done to make Pure Enchantment Photography studio an incredible place. There is nothing they aren't equipped for in their gorgeous facility and their talent is endless. Whether you need a studio session or an outdoor shoot, they have it all in one spot. And look what they can do in their own back yard. Amazing!!!!

~Stephanie Murray Williams


This picture turned out so amazing!!!!! Thanks a million to Darryl Quinton Evans with Pure Enchantment Photography for this beautiful shot!! :D :D :D :D Very professional, super fun, and extremely talented! Check out his page if you're looking for the best in memorable pictures! :) 

~ Dominic Trentadue


Very cool to have our friends at Pure Enchantment Photography as the photographer at my sisters wedding!! They are amazing!

~Lizette Urbina Vasquez

More than pleased with the professionalism and friendliness. I can't wait to see our photos, I know they will be nothing less than amazing!

So glad we chose them for our wedding! Amazing!!!

~ Melissa Urbina Moore


Love Pure Enchantment Photography. Always professional. Always available. Always knows how to make you comfortable.

Get your headshots done today. Especially those who have Linkedin pages.

~Rina Risper, Owner - The New Citizens Press


I can't say enough about this company. I love nothing more than supporting small business, especially family owned. They aren't just that; they are the most warm, loving people you could ever work with. They genuinely care about their clients. They put everything about themselves into their work. They are incredibly talented! So not only are they a small, family owned business, they are loving, caring people, with incredible talent- what more could you ever ask for? They have me as a client, and friend, for life. Lansing Area, please consider this family for your family photography.

~Kristine B


There is truly something to be said about a photographer that can come and capture what makes your child unique. Darryl Quinton Evans Pure Enchantment came and did just that. He photographed Breylen and allowed him to just be himself. He took the time and listened to my needs and captured him doing what he loves to do. Every person is unique no matter what there abilities are. 


Just be you don't be nobody else you just be yourself in everything you do just be you!! 
Lyrics by 
Shanell Henry

~Duana Lewis-Benn


I cannot wait to see Kay's pictures. She had a blast and never thought it would be that much fun. Thanks so much.

~Brandy Purdue


My AMAZING new profile pic was shot by an incredibly talented photographer friend of mine named Darryl Quinton Evans. His company, Pure Enchantment Photography will take great care of you. Hit him up!

~Angelique Palmer


You are the most amazing photographer!!! The pictures are beautiful and you were so much fun to work with! Thanks for everything, 

~Dave Rizzle


Awesome photographer! They have become our family photographer. Darryl and Erinn took beautiful maternity photos for us in November. Darryl recently took newborn photos of our son at the hospital and studio; the pictures are simply amazing. We love his work!

~Keyetta Keller Johnson


Darryl is the most amazing photographer that has ever taken pictures of my family!! He is the best!!

~Mary Gray


My daughter's senior pictures were fabulous! Darryl took so much time with her.

~Hollly O’brien


I love your work! I might have been one of your first weddings!? That was b4 flash things & discs!! If u want any from WAY back let me know

~Carie Neal Wiese


On multiple occasions I have called upon Darryl of Pure Enchantment Photography. Each time he’s gladly and wholeheartedly accepted the eccentric challenge. Results each time has been fantastic. My business cards that use two of his images always garner a pause with positive feedback. Impressive all they way around. Professional. Polite. Sincere. Fantastic results. 

~Melik, Owner, Lansing Made


Darryl has a beautiful eye for capturing moments and smiles that turn into wonderful memories. His unique style is one of a kind. I like how he treats every session professionally. Darryl does more than take pictures, he teaches others how to be better photographers with their cameras.

~Erin H


We have used Pure Enchantment Photography for events such as our wedding, family photos, and senior pictures. We have always had a positive experience and would use them again.

~Ali D


Pure Enchantment Photography has provided numerous photo sessions for my family. Darryl is always professional, timely and the photos are always amazing. He works SO well with children and even during a 12 mos old meltdown he managed to get GREAT pictures! Great artist and huge fan of his work!

~April S


Shout out to Darryl Quinton Evans Erinn Evans at Pure Enchantment Photography. Thank you for letting me host my Stella & Dot trunk show at your studio and taking these wonderful head shots for me. Take your professionalism to the next level by getting head shots at Pure Enchantment. 

~Spring A


Wow...just Wow. Not only is this woman (Anquinette Foreman) absolutely Beautiful....she had this amazing photo taken by Darryl Quinton Evans. He is the most amazing photographer in Lansing. Check him out at Pure Enchantment Photography.

~Nicole G


Thank you Darryl Quinton Evans and his amazing photography skills at Pure Enchantment Photography for capturing these beautiful moments!

~Rachel S


Darryl has done photos for me a few times.....amazing job, great price 💕 oh yeah....I'm in this ad 💁🏼 Check him out!

~Monica M


As a testimonial... I had some intimate photos done with Pure Enchantment Photography and had a great time! I felt comfortable, at ease... It was a wonderful experience and the photos were stunning! Great boost of self-confidence; I looked gorgeous in the photos! And, of course, my boyfriend loved them. Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience.

~Betsy R


Darryl Quinton Evans at Pure Enchantment Photography....you outdid yourself! I love these!!!! Thank you so much! 

~Brigette M


Having such a great time with Isaac and Darryl Quinton Evans!!!! I'm so excited to see what his talents look like on canvas!



Wow my man Darryl Quinton Evans, you blew it out of the park AGAIN! LOVE these photos. You got,some great shots!

~Mary B


Ok. So I have been holding out on you all. For a month now I have been mulling over how to explain what I have. How to express my gratitude. How to impress the value of the experience that brought them into fruition. The tenderness, kindness and patience of this particular individual who took on the challenge to capture the truth and essence of his subject. For me this has been so overwhelmingly emotional on so many levels that words have been at a loss. But I made a promise and I owe him so much more than I can express, not just for these moments but for so many over the years before. This was a first though. 

Senior pictures of my Jacob. My Fragile X baby. He is 18 and "graduating" from the scholastic part of his education this year. I want to give him as many opportunities to enjoy and develop this year as possible so we started with the first rite of passage for senior year. The ever memorialized and individual, rarely to be duplicated in anyone's lifetime, senior pictures. 

He was hesitant, of course. So we started with a consultation and tour of the studio two weeks before actual picture time. We sat down with Darryl Quinton Evans, owner and primary photographer of Pure Enchantment Photography. We discussed the normal stuff, background, wardrobe, props etc. Then we went deeper. Does Jacob have special music he may like playing? How should we approach lighting? Does he take direction? Jacob was sitting there with us and he responded somewhat to some of the questions but was ok with me answering for him. After an hour we had covered as many of the bases as we could in preparation. We set the appointment for two weeks to the day and blocked off 3 hours. 

Over the two weeks Jacob and I had conversations for our prep. My mom and I discussed and picked wardrobe. Finally the time came. We loaded up his "props" and got him dressed and headed to the studio. 

He again was hesitant. A lot of of focus and attention to him was not welcome. So we played it cool. I sat down and started unpacked what we brought, slowly, handing pieces to him. It gave him time to feel comfortable, to ease him into it. What he didn't realize is it already started. Darryl was off to the side already taking pictures! We, Jacob and I, started moving his stuff to the back drop. I arranged them and then had him sit right in the middle. The whole time we had the Aladdin soundtrack playing and Darryl was quietly observing and capturing moments at every opportunity. He just let Jacob be Jacob. No posing. No direction. He did all the work. We moved outside for a few minutes then on to Jacob's favorite place on earth, Chuck E Cheese's. 

Then came the hard part. The anxious wait. Darry picked out some moments from the over 400 pictures he took and edited them to the phenomenal, perfect portraits of the truth of my wonderful son. The first time I saw the finished product I cried. From pride. From relief.

Darryl isn't just a photographer, he is an artist. He isn't just an artist, he is a parent. Beyond all of that he is human and he sees the value and humanity in everyone and has the magnificent ability to capture that in a picture. 

Thank you Darryl for the experience of a lifetime and the portraits to remind us. 😍

~Sharla Peters


A little over a month until our fourth wedding anniversary! This was the best day of my life, and I'm so glad for the wonderful pictures to cherish! ♡ Thank you, Darryl and Erinn!

~Kristine Brown

Lansing, Michigan friends and family... Stop by and visit this wonderful business! They are loving people who care about making your memories last! I couldn't recommend them enough!

Kristine B


A big shout out to the most amazing photographer EVER! Thank you soo much  Darryl Quinton Evans - Pure Enchanted Photography, for the fun photo shoot today. Can't wait to see and share the pictures with all my FB family and more.

~Mary K



~Zay E


This is my friend Darryl Quinton Evans! He did my maternity shoot and he is fantastic!!!!! He knows exactly what to do and use and he's the most genuine honest photographer I know!!!!! Stop by his shop!

~Felisa Raborn


AMAZING local photographer (Darryl Quinton Evans) captures these majestic pictures, right here in the Capitol City of our great State! #MittenMagic

~Nicole D


If you don't know about Darryl Quinton Evans Owner of Pure Enchantment Photography.....you should get to know him!! He is one of the most amazing photographers I know!!! He is super talented and can take photos of anything really! His pictures are just breath taking. Check him out at his new Photography Studio at 601 N. Waverly Rd. In Lansing, Mi.

~Nicole G


One GREAT BIG Thanks to Erinn and Darryl for their wonderful photography including the photo album, invites, and video.

~Melissa G


Are you looking for an AMAZINGLY TALENTED photographer?? Come check out this Grand Opening of Pure Enchantment Photography!!!📷 They captured Beautiful memories for Chuck Dunn and I at out wedding, as well as documented McKayla Marie Marinoff senior pictures!!! I will be at the unveiling of their gorgeous new studio with several other LOCAL vendors!! Come check us out!!

~Cynthia Dunn


When you need the best, you work with the best. That's why we work with Darryl Quinton Evans. Just had to give him a shout out after going through his gallery.

~Matt LaClear


Thank you Darryl and Erinn Evans and Pure Enchantment Photography, these are wonderful pictures!

~Kristi Lowrie